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Nike Tiempo Legend 7 R10 Limited Edition #821/1000 There are plenty of Nike Tiempo Legend models out there but this one is well and truly egendery! Ronaldinho is in my view the most naturally talented player to ever play the game. His skill, flair and the sheer joy he seemed to be having whilst playing just conveyed itself onto the watching crowds. He silenced the Bernabeu getting a round of applause from the home fans whilst at Barca during the El Classico and considering the rivalry that's no mean feat.

A real legend of the game deserves something special to pay homage to him and Nike smashed it with this R10 remake. Just 1000 pairs made each individually numbered the leather is just so soft and the gold chrome soleplate is unrivalled. The trademark r10 logo sits pride of place on the tongue just a genuinely stunning boot

Please refer to our disclimar on the homepage before ordering

Nine Tiempo Legend 7 10R Limited Edition

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