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There is no doubting what boot chnaged the booting world forever. The Nike R9!!!


When Ronaldo Nazario was blowing the likes of Alessandro Nesta, Paolo Maldini and Costacurta away Nike knew they had a commercial gem on their hands and the R9 was born.


Ever since the World Cup in 98 the R9 has been heralded as the most iconic boot and it continues to be to this day.


These junior version were released by Nike to satisfy the little R9's out there. However in their wisdom they released them in a pure silver colour way with just the outline of the pattern on them. Therefore these were sent to bootnpieces who specialise in boot modifications who coloured in the pattern with the iconic R9 colours. 


They now look how they should have done from factory. A real litte stunner of the iconic boot and are surely the only boot out their of this style 


Whilst they have been modified professionally it can not be guaranteed whether the original or the added paint may rub off due to the age of the boots. They are intended as a collectors items rather than playing in. However if you choose to allow your little one to play in them then you do so at your own risk. 

Nike R9 JNR FG

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