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Nike Mercurial R9 1998

The Nike Mercurial R9 is the reason my journey began in this nostalgic world. As a young 14 year old I insisted i had a pair of the very limited edition Nike R9 in soft ground soleplate. My Dad managed to find me a pair and i wore them for the whole season as a budding centre half! The journey of the boot is far more impressive. Ronaldo Nazario was setting the world alight having tore La Liga apart followed by an audacious move to Serie A when the Italian league was at its strongest. Defenders like Maldini, Costacurta and Desailly struggled to contain "EL FENOMENO" translated to the The Phenomenon. The world cup followed and Ronaldo was on everyone lips so Nike seized the opportunity by producing a revolutionary Mercurial Vapor R9 the first signature boot of its kind. The world cup was a huge success for the EL FENOMENO up until the final when he suffered an infamous seizure hours before the final which prevented him from being at his best. However the R9 signature range was born and continued to grow in popularity along with the player himself who was not to be denied 4 years later lifting the world cup in 2002. The R9 remains the most sort after boot of its kind and Nike has released limited edition remakes over the years which we are lucky enough to have in stock. Available Now checkout the bootroom for our latest via the button below

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