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October 6th 2001, England v Greece Old Trafford. Its the 93rd minute and 1-1 with England embarrassingly struggling to qualify for the World Cup in South Korea. Cometh the hour cometh the man, David Beckham. The best dead ball specialist England has produced whips an unstoppable 30 yard free kick into the top left corner. The crowd erupts, the pubs go wild, the players jump on becks as he takes the adulation, England are going to the World Cup. A free kick that is imbedded in the memory of so many and constructed by the Adidas Predator Precision. An iconic moment deserves an iconic boot and the precision is certainly that. Adidas released two remakes a DB White as worn by becks at the time of the free kick and the stunning blue colour way. Checkout our shop to see what options we have available

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